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2018 China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association Visit Japan

A group of 54 people from the Chinese Agricultural Machinery Industry Association's delegation to Japan, led by President Chen Zhi, went to Hokkaido, Japan, on July 10, 2018 to conduct a professional inspection of the agricultural machinery industry. The contents of the inspection mainly included: Visit Hokkaido Obihiro International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. Visit Toyo Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., Nisong Mechanism Co., Ltd., IHI Co., Kubota Hokkaido Co., Ltd., Yamamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Grain Drying Storage Center and Drying Processing Center.
The Hokkaido Obihiro International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition is held every four years. This is the second time after my association organized a delegation to Hokkaido in 2014.
On the afternoon of July 11, the exhibition hosting committee held a grand reception at the NIKKO Hotel. Nearly 100 global agricultural industry people and media were invited to participate. President Chen Zhi was invited to speak and accept media interviews.
On the morning of July 12, the Obihiro International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition opened. At the invitation of the chairman of the host committee of the exhibition, President Chen Zhi of the Association attended the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony, The executive chairman of the exhibition hosting committee and chairman of the Toyo Agricultural Machinery Mr. Yamada Masaharu, and the Hokkaido Department of Agricultural Policy Minister Mr. Weitianminbo accompanied President Chen Zhi to visit the exhibition.
At this exhibition we see:
Agricultural machinery below 60 horsepower is mainly produced by local companies, and Kubota accounts for more than half of the market share. Dill and Mahengda also have a good market share.
Most of the large and medium-sized equipment for pasture comes from European and American companies Case New Holland, John Dill, Maisaifugesen, Vimet, Fent, and Crass. The market share of the large wheel drag and large harvesters, Many German pasture companies such as: Kroni, Fira, and Raleigh bring heavyweight exhibitors. Kuhn, Leiken, Mansheng, Glenn, Amasong and other agricultural equipment companies also participated. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the tractors of the major brands were equipped with unmanned systems and lined up to follow the S-shaped route. Most of these tractors were 70-160 horsepower.
Rice harvesting machinery generally adopts a chassis that can lift ground gaps, and is more adaptable to various terrain conditions. The whole process of mechanization development of Japanese rice fully reflects the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy, practicality and efficiency, and the importance of original innovation.
Compared with the European and American Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, in addition to the smaller scale, the exhibitors at the Obihiro Exhibition are mostly dealers rather than manufacturers. Therefore, it can be generally seen that power machinery and different brands of supporting equipment are exhibited on the same stage.
After visiting the exhibition, my association delegation visited some of the most worthy agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises in Hokkaido.
Dongyang Agricultural Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in potato harvesting machinery. Established in 1950, it currently has about 700 units per year. The average single unit sells for 600,000 yuan, and the annual sales revenue is about 400 to 500 million yuan. The characteristics of this company is that the production equipment is relatively complete, welding, painting, and heat treatment are all available. Their product automation degree is very high, realizes automatic deplanting, automatic cleaning, automatic loading, we think is the future development trend of potato harvesting machinery.
Rino Mechanism Co., Ltd. is a small manufacturing company specializing in beet harvesting equipment and field management equipment. In the 70 years since the establishment of the company, 7,000 beet harvesting machines have been produced. At present, the output of about 170 units per year is maintained. The equipment produced by this company is specially designed and manufactured for beet planting farms in Hokkaido, Japan. It has a very good adaptability to local agronomy, climate, soil, etc., so user loyalty and satisfaction have always been good. The company consists of a transportation company and six direct stores distributed throughout Hokkaido. The field weeding equipment produced by the company has solved the problem of inter-plant weeding well and ensured the zero use of herbicides.
Kubota has established 52 branches in Hokkaido with a total of 617 employees and annual sales of about 30 billion yen through the 80 % holding self-ownership model. The Baotiandao branch we visited contributed more than 30 % of sales revenue and profits, and was the best performer of all Kubota Hokkaido branches. The layout of the factory building is reasonable, and various tools and testing equipment are complete. Staff work processes are clear and clear, and are measured by user satisfaction.
Ishikawa Island IHI is a company specializing in the manufacture of herbage equipment. The company was established in Sapporo in 1924. In 2002, it established a joint venture with Shanghai Electric to establish Shanghai Shida Modern Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., which will cut grass, plant grass, spread sun, round bundles, and square bundles. The equipment, such as the bundle, is put into production and sales in China. Although the factory is old, it has a reasonable layout and full use of space. Hokkaido Department of agricultural policy, Mr. hoshino to accompany the visit.
Our association's route 2 to Japan, drying crew, visited Yamamoto factory, tiantong association grain drying storage center, qifu agricultural production cooperative and visit hoidaiguang international agricultural machinery exhibition. Yamamoto Production Co., Ltd. was established in 1918 and is mainly engaged in drying, storage, and processing after grain harvesting. It is Japan's largest food dryer manufacturer and undertakes the design, construction, preservation and storage of the National grain bank and rice processing. Tiantong Agricultural Association grain drying storage center, all equipment designed and manufactured by Yamamoto company, collection dust, rough selection, selection, metal detection, color selection, measurement, drying, storage and other functions. The Handan Agricultural Production Cooperative is operated by 12 partners and has 6,000 acres of land. It has a total of 19 grain dryers, including 10 tons of machines, 8 tons of machines, and 4.5 tons of machines. In addition, agricultural machinery such as sowing and harvesting is also available.

Hokkaido is the granary of Japan. It is full of farm fields. It is very scientific in the use and planting structure of farmland, and the demand for agricultural machinery is also scientific and rational.
Discover new trends: demand for tractors with more than 180 horsepower increased in previous years, mainly due to increased field operations, an ageing population and rising labour costs. But as driverless technology, field management, and artificial intelligence and vehicle networking have matured in recent years, users will be more likely to use the same budget to buy more intelligent medium and small horsepower tractors. In this case, the Ota block is operated on a stand-alone basis and the Ota block is jointly operated.
Finding Problem: During the factory visit, we found that the standards for protection and environmental protection in foreign countries are not as strict as those required at home, such as: waste gas treatment after spray painting, residue recovery, etc.. Is it necessary to be so strict as to constrain the production development of enterprises? Everyone is welcome to discuss it together.
Summarizing experience: we must not only learn advanced technology, but also pay attention to original innovation. Only by digesting and absorbing foreign technologies, and at the same time paying attention to the combination of agricultural machinery and agronomy, can we develop agricultural machinery that users can afford in price, recognize in performance, and apply.
The delegation of the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association to Japan was highly valued and concerned by the local government of Hokkaido and the organizers of the exhibition. The members of the delegation agreed that under the careful arrangement of the Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, all the work was methodical. Through this professional inspection, they learned more about the current situation and development trend of the Japanese agricultural machinery industry, and deeply felt that the design of Japanese agricultural machinery products was ingenious and novel. Compared with European and American products, Its design is more elaborate and compact. It is a smaller version of large-scale machinery in Europe and the United States, and it is more suitable for the needs of small and medium-sized plants and benefits greatly.
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