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The company does its best to prevent and control the epidemic

Recently, in accordance with the overall deployment of the epidemic prevention and control work, the group company acted quickly and equipped with various kinds of sterilizing appliances such as sprayers, disinfectants, masks, hand soap, etc. , every day from time to time to the office, canteen, toilet and other important public areas for sterilization, to ensure that disinfection no dead zone, no blind zone, to ensure that the prevention and control measures in place. To prevent the spread of 2019-ncov pneumonia. At the same time, the company has made great efforts to create a propaganda atmosphere for the prevention and control of the epidemic by putting up propaganda slogans, plain papers and other forms for the prevention and control of the epidemic in areas such as the propaganda board, workshops and canteens, and has increased publicity on the importance of the prevention and control of the epidemic, we will create an atmosphere of unity among the masses to prevent and control the outbreak, and further strengthen our determination and confidence to win the war of prevention and control.

On 8th February, high-tech Zone Management Committee Secretary Sun Li came to guide the Enterprise Epidemic Prevention and control work, group chairman Ma Zhixian accompanied and made a specific report.

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