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Party secretaries give party lectures to cadres and Party members

On the afternoon of June 7, in accordance with the high-tech zone "two new organizations" party committee "on the implementation plan of" welcome the Party's 20 innovation gather strength to be a pioneer "series of party member education activities" notice document requirements, the company party secretary Ma Zhixian for all middle-level cadres and party members of a lively class.

The subject of the party class is "firm ideals and beliefs draw forward strength", the party class to revolutionary martyr Deng Enming comrade's glorious deeds as the theme, tells the story of Deng Enming comrade in the national liberation road quest, place oneself in the surging tide qilu earth, the original mind set, become a firm Marxist. Reviewing the moving story of revolutionary martyr Deng Enming fighting and dying for national liberation and people's happiness, and feeling the lofty ideals and firm beliefs of a Communist party member together.

Meeting party secretary Ma Zhixian on behalf of the company party committee reiterated, the next step to continue to consolidate and expand the achievements of party history study and education, better from the party's centurial struggle major achievements and historical experience to increase wisdom, enhance unity, increase confidence, enhance morale. We should further enhance the ideological consciousness and action consciousness of the study of Party history, and transform the study of Party history education into a driving force for work and entrepreneurship. We should be full of confidence, forge ahead on a new journey and make achievements in a new era.

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