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Micro-party lessons. I'll do the talking

On June 14,2023 to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Rizhao high-tech zone held a ¡°Micro-party class, let's Talk¡± contest, sixteen party members from six party committees took part in the contest. He zhenlu, a member of the party committee of our company, took part in this contest. The content of his party lessons is to review the Red Journey of the previous CPC Congresses, such as the holding time and the meeting location; Second, we realized the spiritual connotation of all previous party congresses, and called on everyone to know the way of the times, start a new journey, shoulder the responsibility of the times and historical mission.

Through the micro-party class activity, the exchange of ideas, learning experience, stimulated the majority of party members to see the merits of Qi, learning to catch up with the positive enthusiasm, it has formed a strong atmosphere of¡°Party lessons for all and leading party lessons¡± by means of¡°Small incision, big pattern, positive energy and easy dissemination¡±, it has achieved the effect of promoting learning by talking and promoting work by learning, and created a new form of party course education with the characteristics of the times and high-tech.

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