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The Group held the 2023 annual work summary and commendation conference

On February 6, 2024 (27th of the twelfth lunar month), the 2023 annual Work Summary and commendation Conference of the Group company was held in the conference room on the fourth floor.

In one year's work, a number of advanced individuals emerged, and the company and the company's party committee decided to commend them. Four comrades, including Wang Lixin, were awarded the honorary title of outstanding Communist Party Members and seven comrades, including Wan Jiang, were awarded the honorary title of advanced workers.

The company and the company's party committee call on the majority of employees to take the advanced as an example and actively make greater contributions to the company's development. The advanced individuals who hope to be commended should guard against arrogance and impetuance, cherish the honor, and make persistent efforts to achieve greater achievements in 2024.

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