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IH series standard chemical process pumps

IH series pumps are single stage single suction centrifugal pumps, its mark, rated performance and installation dimensions are equivalent to adopt the international standard ISO 2858, is the national economic and Trade Commission to determine the replacement of the original F series corrosion resistant pump energy-saving products. IH series pump over current component uses all kinds of stainless steel material, suitable for conveying corrosive, viscosity similar to water liquid. Medium temperature -20 ~ +105, flow range of 6.3-400 m3/h, head range 5-125m. Pumps seal forms, soft packing seal, single mechanical end face seal and double end mechanical seal, please users pump in order to indicate the flow parts of the material and the seal form.

The motor according to the medium proportion of 1 and, if the ratio is greater than 1, please specify when ordering, as appropriate, to another.

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