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Knife roller cutting total nutrition (Germ) rice machine

Product uses:
Knife roller cutting total nutrition (Germ) rice machinel breaks through hundreds of years of traditional rice milling principle innovation and invention to achieve compact rice, to solve the common rice mill can not process the problem of germ rice, can process high-quality germ rice (full nutrition rice). At the same time, it has the function of ordinary rice mill and can also process ordinary rice.
Product characteristics:
1. the temperature rise of processing is low (<5°C), which does not harm the activity of rice.
2. retaining more than 80% of the germ and partial aleurone layer, greatly improving the nutritional value of rice.
3. the rice yield is 2% higher than that of the traditional rice milling machine, and the energy consumption is reduced by about 3kW. H/t.
4. Automatic detection, real-time display and alarm of production, rice temperature, current, rotational speed, wind pressure and other technological parameters to remind operators to correct or automatically correct in time and remote online automatic control.

main technical parameters:


产量 output(Kg/h)











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